How to build a repurposing content machine

Jeremy shares his advice on how he leveraged existing content to make a huge impact on his company's marketing results.

February 21, 2024

The Repurposing Blueprint:Jeremy's approach to content repurposing is both strategic and systematic, focusing on maximizing the utility of existing resources while remaining agile enough to capitalize on new opportunities. Here's how:

  1. Content Library as a Foundation:Start by building a comprehensive content library. This repository should not only include all past content but also be organized in a way that makes it easily accessible and usable for repurposing.
  2. Identify Repurposable Content:Regularly review your content library to identify pieces that are still relevant or can be updated to meet current needs. This includes blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, and any other content that can be refreshed or reformatted for different channels.
  3. Webinars as a Repurposing Tool:Use webinars to breathe new life into existing topics. For Jeremy, webinars serve as an efficient way to repurpose content on themes that are important to their audience. By updating the content with recent data or trends, the team can create engaging webinars without starting from scratch.
  4. Global Adaptation:Adapt repurposed content for different regions and languages. This global approach ensures that content resonates with diverse audiences, maximizing its reach and effectiveness.
  5. Breaking News Response:Stay prepared to pivot and create content around breaking news or emerging trends. Jeremy's team keeps a flexible schedule that allows them to quickly produce webinars and other content formats in response to industry developments, ensuring their brand remains relevant and authoritative.
  6. Content as a Continuous Cycle:View content creation as a wheel, not a linear process. By continuously repurposing and updating content, you can keep your marketing efforts fresh and engaging without the constant need for new topics.
  7. Promotion Before Perfection:Begin promoting webinars and events before all content is finalized. This approach allows you to build anticipation and ensures that you're not losing momentum waiting for content approval.

Implementing the Strategy:For content marketers looking to apply Jeremy's tactics, consider the following steps:

  • Audit Your Content: Conduct a thorough review of your existing content to determine what can be repurposed or updated.
  • Plan Your Content Calendar: Develop a flexible content calendar that includes both evergreen repurposed content and slots for timely, news-related pieces.
  • Focus on Education: Ensure that all content, even when repurposed, provides educational value to your audience, subtly integrating your product or service as a solution.
  • Leverage Technology: Utilize content management and marketing automation tools to streamline the repurposing process and track the performance of your content across different platforms.

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