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Digital asset management for tech companies. Built to scale and maximize content ROI.

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Masset gives you more.

You already have the content, why not get WAY more out of it?

More Access
Unlimited seats = unlimited access = WAY more content usage.
More Analytics
Finally see who is using your content! Oh and see where it lives online.
More Feedback
We all need feedback on our content, now you can finally get it.
More Accuracy
Content gets outdated over time, Masset helps you stay on top of it so everything is accurate, up-to-date and on brand.
More Content
Masset centralizes your content, no matter where it lives online - so now you can finally centralize ALL of it in one place.
More Organization
Masset makes it simple to organize and find your content.
Centralize Everything
Unlimited Seats
Built for Tech Businesses
Full Internal Analytics
Pricing / Storage

What makes Masset different?

Centralize Everything
  • Some of your content should be stored in Masset. Some of it should live in places like Youtube or on G2. We centralize your content, even if it’s not stored with us.
Unlimited Seats
  • You don’t have to pick your favorite employees, give everyone the access they need. Yes, even Ben can have access.
Built for Tech Businesses
  • Go ahead, look at every other digital asset management site and take a look at the customers they highlight. Any of those look like your business?
Full Internal Analytics
  • Understand how all your content is performing. Views, downloads, shares, all tracked and reported. This level of insight is only possible when you have a seat for everyone!
Simple Pricing
  • Built and priced for companies of 1-1000 employees.

Get more out of generative AI.

If you think managing content is hard now... imagine what it will look like in 3 years.

With generative AI, you will be producing content in exponentially higher quantities than ever before.

Masset will help you ride the generative ai wave, instead of feeling like your drowning in it.

Content produced in 2022:
Content produced in 2026:
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Is Masset right for me?

Raise your hand if any of these statements are true for your team.

My content is hard for coworkers to find.
Finding content can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Masset changes the game. Just a click and you've got what you need, right at your fingertips.
We get requests to create assets that already exist.
Making the same thing twice is a nightmare – and a recurring one for most marketing teams. Masset helps your team see what you've already got, so you can focus on building the future, not the past.
It’s difficult to say which assets are being used.
Figuring out which content is actually being used shouldn't be a guessing game. Masset shows you what's working and what's not, so you can keep the hits coming.
My content lives all over the internet.
No problem. Masset connects all of your content, no matter where it lives online.
A lot of our assets are still showing out-of-date features.
Stale content? Not on our watch. Masset keeps your stuff fresh, making sure your audience only sees the cool, new things you're doing.
I have no idea what content to make next.
Wondering what to make next? Masset's got your back with insights and requests that point you in the right direction, so you're always on track with what your company needs.
Permissions and security limit company use.
We get it, you want tight security without the drag. Masset lets you share stuff quickly without the worry, keeping things safe and simple.
We tried using a sales enablement tool to store assets and it doesn’t do what we need.
Need a tool that gets it right? Masset is designed for tech folks like you, to manage and share content that actually helps, not just sits there.
I want content to be a top-performing channel for my business.
We both know your content is undervalued and is one of the first things on the chopping block if things aren’t going well. Masset can help you transform content from an afterthought to the heart of your growth engine.
I just love saying the word "Masset."
I’m ready to get more from my content

Loved by all who use it.

See what they have to say.

“Masset has changed the game for our marketing team. The ability to consolidate all of our assets into one central platform has been huge in keeping us organized and streamlining collaboration between departments. Our assets are not only more accessible, it's also been great to gather feedback and data on all of our materials. Could not recommend Masset enough!”
Sam C – Director of Marketing
“Masset has been really great for us to organize all of our digital assets. We now have one location where we can send anyone who needs any digital assets. It helps keep people using accurate assets and they know right where to search when they need something.”
Adam S. – VP of Marketing
"Masset almost immediately improved efficiency for us in the marketing department as well for as the employees we're supporting; specifically, they've stopped interrupting us for the same assets over and over again, and we're no longer a blocker to them getting what they need. We've been able to use the tools to intelligently tag assets so they're easy to find and train our employees to serve themselves; all with the most current, on-brand versions of files they need to be effective. I'll be a lifelong Masset user!"
Amy L. – VP of Marketing

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Tired of scattered content and unused assets? Masset centralizes your digital resources, offers unlimited access for your team and delivers per-asset insights with analytics.

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