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Great brands with great content use

Raise your hand if these ring a bell...

Content/assets are hard (or impossible) for coworkers to find.
Content/assets are stuck in systems that give the company little to no access.
"Where is that new case study?"

"I sent it to you yesterday..."

You have no analytics about IF or how much your content is being used.
You get zero feedback on content.
People are using content/assets that are months, maybe even years, outdated.
You get requests for content that already exists.
You're partners, influencers and agencies don't have access to what they need.

Content chaos is a big deal


of sales reps say they can't find content to send to prospects, representing the most common complaint cited by sales teams.


higher conversion rates when marketers align content on specific stages of the buyer's journey.

60% - 70%

of all B2B created marketing content remains unused.


of B2B marketers don't measure ROI from their content marketing efforts.


content pieces are consumed, on average, before B2B buyers decide on a vendor.


of content marketers report that measuring ROI is the biggest challenge when developing content.


What makes Masset different from other DAMs?

Unlimited Seats

Unlimited seats provide company-wide access to your content and assets.

Built for B2B

Features and functionality built specifically for B2B businesses.

Two Tools in One

Digital Asset Management and Sales Enablement in one tool.

All Your Content

All of your content is in Masset, no matter where it lives online.

No Long-Term Contracts

Month-to-month is best for you, which means it's best for us.

Masset has features you'll love

Version Control

Sick of people using outdated content?

Worry no more! Version control let's you update old, off brand and inaccurate assets with just one click.

Plus Masset notifies everyone who's downloaded, shared, or even just viewed the asset about the changes. Version Control Screenshot
Slack Integration

Now you can find your content without ever leaving Slack! 

Simply type in a quick search and you can view, download and share your content directly from Slack. Slack Integration Screenshot

Learn More about Masset's Slack Integration.

Personalized Content Rooms

Build personalized content rooms directly in your CRM! 

Interaction with that content tracks in HubSpot or Salesforce and all content analytics go straight to the marketing team.

Coming soon!

.CSV Uploads

Not only can you link to outside assets to have them centralized in one place, but you can do it in bulk via .CSV upload! 

Content Flagger

Content builds up over time and will eventually become outdated.

Content flagger let's anyone in your business flag content that needs to be updated so your database is accurate as can be.

Content Usage Analytics

Now you can finally see what content is and isn't being used by your organization.

See advanced details like views, shares and downloads by team member. Analytics Screenshot
User Analytics

Now you can see exactly how much and what content each team member is using. Product Screenshot
Feedback Collection

Marketing doesn't get enough feedback about their content. Now content feedback is just one click away!

Asset-Level Permissions

Choose who in your organization can see/edit/own which assets.

Asset Requests AFTER Search

How often do you get requests for content that you've already made, but no one knows where to find it?

Masset requires users to search for content BEFORE they can request new material. This drastically cuts down on requests for things already created. New Asset Screenshot
ALL Your Content

Masset centralizes all your content, no matter if it's directly stored in our system or linked to on your website, Youtube channel or G2 reviews.

Custom Tagging

Organize your content in such a way that it's easy for the whole company to find in a matter of seconds.

World Wide Access

Masset was built to allow secure access to your content, no matter where you are on the globe.


Find your most-used content even faster with favoriting!

Change Requests

If a piece of content is in Masset, but needs a small tweak to be perfect, now you can request that change directly in the search experience.


See where your images are being used online. Great use for SEO, brand tracking, earned media value, PR, brand updates and refreshes and sharable media like infographics. Product Screenshot
So Much More

This section is already getting long enough, but there are plenty more features. Request a demo to see more!

Here's what Masset users are saying

Stars for ratings

"Masset has changed the game for our marketing team. The ability to consolidate all of our assets into one central platform has been huge in keeping us organized and streamlining collaboration between departments. Our assets are not only more accessible, it's also been great to gather feedback and data on all of our materials. Could not recommend Masset enough!” Customer Testimonial Headshot
Sam C.

VP of Marketing

Stars for ratings

"I think that Masset has helped our sales team use what we have more effectively... It's helped them to use what we've already created significantly more." Customer Testimonial Headshot
Nicole D.

Marketing Manager @ BigLeap

Stars for ratings

“Masset has been really great for us to organize all of our digital assets. We now have one location where we can send anyone who needs any digital assets. It helps keep people using accurate assets and they know right where to search when they need something. Customer Testimonial Headshot
Adam S.

VP of Marketing

Stars for ratings

"I love being able to easily sort and filter by content type, industry type, etc… to help get prospective clients more relevant information that helps advance the sales cycle." Customer Testimonial Headshot
Dan P.

EVP of Business Development

Stars for ratings

"I LOVE that Masset is accommodating when it comes to updating their platform to meet our needs (ex: them adding a search function). I also love how organized and easy our assets are to find using Masset." Customer Testimonial Headshot
Dallas O.

Revenue Operations Manager

Stars for ratings

"The competitors that we were looking at were at least 10 times more expensive and they provided less capability... For our needs and for our growth and where we're headed, there was just absolutely no question that Masset was more cost effective." Customer Testimonial Headshot
Bronson D.

Director of Content Marketing

Stars for ratings

"Masset almost immediately improved efficiency for us in the marketing department as well for as the employees we're supporting; specifically, they've stopped interrupting us for the same assets over and over again, and we're no longer a blocker to them getting what they need. We've been able to use the tools to intelligently tag assets so they're easy to find and train our employees to serve themselves; all with the most current, on-brand versions of files they need to be effective. I'll be a lifelong Masset user!" Customer Testimonial Headshot
Amy L.

VP of Marketing